Ghadyani Publishing House, whose concessionaire is Mr. Nader Ghadyani, is a private publisher that has officially begun its activities since 1976. It has already 1700 titles in the field of children and adolescents' books. Ghadyani Publishing House publishes 120 first-edition titles and republishes 500 titles annually.

Due to its extensive experience and activity in this field, it is the top publisher of the country's in production of children and adolescents' books and has been given the best country's publisher award seven times by Iranian presidents.

Ghadyani Publishing House has already received Iran's Book of the Year Prize for 42 titles and 20 book series. Admired Book of the Year Award, Book of the Season Award, Selected Book at Roshd Educational Books Festival Award and Book of the Year Award of "Salam Bacheha", "Poopak" and Soroushe Nojavan" magazines are among other awards won by the publisher.

50 titles of Ghadyani's works have been recommended for study in textbooks of elementary, secondary and high schools and 150 titles have been recommended in Roshd bibliography of Ministry of Education.

Ghadyani Publishing House tries to improve level of public information and thereby living standards by publishing books and promoting study in the country.

Increasing market share of book sales, quality of published books and publishing necessary books for customers according to their tastes are among the missions of Ghadyni Publishing House.

The main and final products of the institute are books; however, performed processes and procedures in order to produce a book are noteworthy. Ghadyani Publishing House is responsible for managing and directing all these processes. All of the books are published and presented by the Institute itself.

Institute's success evaluation indicators

  • Number of published books
  • Number of award-winning books at various festivals
  • Number of times the publisher has been selected as the best publisher
  • Number of first-edition books published annually
  • Quality of publishing books (in terms of appearance and text)
  • Market share of book sales
  • Number of authored and translated books
  • Popularity rate among different segments of society
  • Increasing book study hours among the new generation